6 Discount Ideas to Enliven Independence Day

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August has come, and the day of independence is approaching. For the people of Indonesia independence day is always a special and happy moment. Various celebrations were held in every corner of Indonesia. Starting from the village to the city has its own way to enliven these moments of independence. And business owners don’t want to lose this. Business owners can use this moment to privilege consumers, gain profits and enhance brand image. In the business world, independence day is usually enlivened by various attractive discounts for consumers. You need to look for unique independence day discount ideas to attract as many consumers as possible. The idea of ​​discounting independence day can also be linked to things that are closely related to symbols of independence such as nominal. And here are some ideas for independence day discounts that can be applied to your business.

Discounts Using Numbers 74

In 2019, Indonesia has reached a fairly mature age of 74. This figure is quite large and attractive if used as a nominal discount offered to consumers. You can offer a discount in the form of a nominal price or percentage, which is 7,400, 74,000 or 74%. If you feel this number is too large and will have a major impact on business cash receipts, then you can implement it with a conditional system. For example consumers can get a discount by buying two items. And the second item will be subject to a discount of up to 74%. This kind of discount proved effective in attracting consumers.

Discounts According to Independence Date
Another number that is very closely related to the day of independence is the date, month and year of independence itself. Figures 17, 8, and 45 are nominal which are often used as discounts ahead of independence day. Can follow the previous system which provides discounts with nominal prices of 8,000, 17,000 and 45,000. Or it could be a percentage of 8%, 17% and 45%. This discount can also be applied to purchases with a certain nominal so as not to harm you.

Special price
You can also give discounts by directly providing special prices without displaying the amount of the price cut. Prepare selected products that would be suitable if sold at special prices. The price given can also use a nominal close to independence day. For example selling several products at prices of 8,000, 17,000, 45,000 and 74,000. You can also sell several products into one package.

Discounts for Birthday
Indonesia’s independence day is the same as Indonesia’s birthday. So it doesn’t hurt if you give discounts to consumers who also celebrate their birthdays on that day. So consumers who have a birthday to coincide with Independence Day have the opportunity to get attractive discounts.

Competition on Social Media
Independence day is synonymous with various competitions and competitions, such as climbing betel, sack race, cracker eating competition, cooking competition and so forth. You can present this competition and independence competition to your business. Besides adding to the excitement, the products of consumers at the competition can also be used to branding your products and services. In today’s digital era, social media as an effective marketing media can be used as a place for this competition. You can hold a photo contest with the theme of independence day. Ask consumers to create unique photos with your product or service along with attractive captions. Don’t forget to include the tagline and mention your brand. You can give prizes to attractive winners.

Independence Day Special Voucher Code
Another way to give discounts that you can try is to provide a voucher code. Lately, voucher codes are very familiar to consumers, especially those who often make purchases online. When this voucher code is applied, consumers will automatically get discounts on products and services purchased. You can provide a voucher code with nuances of independence, such as “merdeka”, “17Agustus” and so forth.

Those are some discount ideas that can be applied on Indonesia’s independence day. As a business owner, you must take advantage of this moment to give privileges to consumers while still providing great benefits and enhancing brand image. To realize this, you can just give a fairly large nominal provided you consider the financial condition of the business being run.


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