Monitor Financial Conditions in Realtime in One Dash Through Journals

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Finance is an important factor that needs to be considered and can influence the development of a business. Many things that must be taken care of by business owners, making them less concerned about financial conditions properly. Not to mention that not all business owners understand how to create and read financial reports. In fact, always an update related to the financial condition of a business is an important thing that must be done by business owners.

By knowing the exact financial condition, business owners can more easily determine strategies and make more appropriate decisions. So, if there are problems in the business, business owners can find out these risks more quickly and find the right solution to avoid business losses.

In order to avoid this loss, many companies have begun to use the help of accounting software that summarizes all reports on one platform. Journal is one of the accounting software that has been chosen by many business owners, from SMEs to large businesses. In addition to simplifying the process of creating business financial reports, Journals also have a dashboard that makes it easy for you as a business owner to view all business financial information in real time. So what can you do with this feature?

Dashboard Customization

With the dashboard feature in Journals, you can see all the financial information you need more simply through one page in real time. Starting from cash flow, outstanding sales, invoice bills, trade receivables, operating costs, to profit and loss can be accessed in one dashboard. You can also adjust the appearance of the dashboard to suit your business needs by adding the required widgets. You can also customize the appearance of the dashboard, whether in graph or table form.

Ensuring Cash Flow Remains Good

Cash flow is one of the problems that is often faced by entrepreneurs. The main problem that is often faced is cash flow deficits, where spending exceeds income, so that cash flow becomes unbalanced. To avoid business losses, you can see cash flow with more certain numbers and realtime in one Journal dashboard. That way, you can ascertain whether the cash flow is in good or bad condition. So, when cash flow is not good, you can make decisions faster or create new business strategies to improve the cash flow.

See Bank Balances and Transactions Simultaneously

Many companies experience difficulties when conducting bank reconciliation. Where, most of them found a mismatch between transactions with banks and transactions in the books. However, with the Journal, you can see your business transactions and balances in the bank at the same time. Making it easier for you to do bank reconciliation directly.

Check and Pay Bills Quickly

Seeing bills one by one makes you spend a lot of time. Especially if you already have many customers and work with many suppliers. However, with the dashboard feature in the Journal, you can check bills that have not been paid by customers or that you haven’t yet paid. So that you can make it easier to collect and pay bills, without the need to check one by one to the list of customers and suppliers.