Benefits of Application of Stock Goods in the Wholesale Business

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The wholesale business is one of the most popular businesses. With good location selection and sufficient capital, the wholesale business has a fairly lucrative ROI. However, for warehouse management it turns out that there are still many who use the manual method, aka not using the benefits of the item stock application. As a result of underestimating warehouse management, then not a few wholesale businesses that end up falling or bankrupt. Often out of stock, expiration dates that are not controlled, until the difficulty in regulating the entry and exit of goods is a common obstacle in the wholesale business that still manages the stock of goods manually. That is why the wholesale business is important to use the item stock application.

Function of Stock Application Application

In a wholesale company that has more than one warehouse, it can be said to be impossible if the wholesale business can run without the support of a stock application. So, what makes a wholesale business very dependent on the stock application?

Improve report quality
Whether a business is growing or not will be known from reports. Then whether or not the decision you make as a business person depends greatly on the good quality of the report, which of course is difficult to achieve by managing the stock of goods manually. With the manual method, then you still rely on staff to make reports. While the quality of the report depends on the ability of your staff to make it. This makes your report lack clear and definite standards. But this is not the case if you use the benefits of the item stock application. Your report does not depend on the ability of staff because it is the system that makes the report. This will of course make your report have quality standards that can be maintained over time.

Minimize human error
Admin work or inventory is a very tedious task. That is because the admin staff are required to do the same thing from time to time. So as a result, the staff will be vulnerable to making mistakes or human errors. One of the benefits of an item stock application is that it can minimize errors that your staff might make. With the barcode feature, recording and data collection of goods will be faster and easier to do. The application will improve the work efficiency of your staff so that they don’t feel bored while doing their jobs.

Has a low stock notification feature
There is nothing more detrimental than the moment when your business is out of stock that the customer is looking for. When this happens, then surely your loyal customers will turn to competitors or competitors and your profits will float. This is the importance of the low stock notification feature found in the item stock application. That said, this feature is most sought after by wholesale business owners. When inventory is running low, this application will send an email or via push notification on your cellphone.

It’s easier to do an inventory audit
Audit is an important process that must be carried out by wholesale businesses from time to time. In addition to knowing the availability of goods in the warehouse, an audit is also important to collect any items that are nearing the expiration date. If you have 5,000 items in one warehouse, then your company has 4 warehouses, and every month you have to do an inventory audit, then you can imagine what the stress level of the staff doing the work is. Therefore, with the warehouse stock application this long process can be done automatically. Simply using a laptop or computer, the data you need will be presented easily and quickly.

Practical multi-warehouse management
The item inventory application will make it easier for you to control all the warehouses you have from one place. You don’t need to request data from each head of warehouse to find out how much stock is available in each warehouse. With the cloud server storage function, it will be easier for you to control each retail business warehouse anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. When compared with paper documents, the application of stock items is much safer than the possibility of scattered or lost.